Dendrobium aphyllum

Dendrobium is a big genus in the Orchid family. There are about 1100 varieties that can be split into two types. The Nobile, which originates from India and the Himalayas, and the green-staying hybrids from Asia. This last group flowers mainly in autumn and only now and then at other times of the year. The Nobiles flower from December to April. Most of the available varieties are pink, white and purple. Beside these there are yellow and green variations. The flower size can vary from very small to 6 cm. Dendrobium is known for a long flowering period.
The plant requires a lot of light and once a week a little bit of water. After the flowering period the plant needs a period of rest. For Nobile types it is advisable to put them outdoors in August-September, to encourage them to flower again later in the year.