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Verdel Nursery was founded in 1970 and since then has developed into a real family business. The company started growing year round Chrysantimums and after some years changed to growing begonias. In 1987 the cultivation changed to Orchids, specifying in potted Phalaenopsis. Over the years Verdel started the cultivation of other varieties too, which gained new work for the company, with extra trade of Phalaenopsis. This trade also meant that Verdel will buy other varieties from other growers to complete their own sales assortment. The last few years Verdel has modernised the company and expanded to 12.000 m². The orchids at Verdel grow from young plant until a flowering plant in around a year, after which they are ready for the consumer. Do have a look at our site to see which Orchids are available.
We hope you enjoy the Verdel Orchids website.