The Orchid, a true miracle

Worldwide there are over 20.000 different botanical varieties of Orchids. Just a small amount of these 20.000 are suitable for commercial production, while Orchid lovers collect the other varieties. All these varieties grow over different continents and in variable conditions. Some varieties grow in certain mountain areas in Asia and others on trees in the rainforest in Brazil. Because Orchids grow under so many different conditions it is hard to give general growing advise. In order to know how to treat a certain Orchid it is important to check how it grows in its natural habitat. Orchids that grow on trees are called epiphytes. These plants attach themselves on the tree and take up nutrition from the rain that runs along the trunk. Terristic growing plants live on the soil. Examples of these are Cymbidium and Paphiopedilum. Usually they grow in the shade of trees. However there are a few varieties that grow in open areas where they catch more sunlight than they would require.
The Orchid claims its name because of the tubers that are visible with ground-orchids. It is derived from the Greek word orhis = testicle.


In the living room

Many Orchids are suitable for growing in the living room. How to do it? Your exotic roommate requires some attention, but not more then any other ordinary houseplant. A regular temperature for the living room, around 20ºC, should be suitable for most varieties from the enormous Orchid family. On this website we will give brief information about the most common varieties.