The homelands of Phalaenopsis are the tropical regions of the Far East. Phalaenopsis grows like epiphytes, on trees. The name is derived from the Greek word phalaina=butterfly which refers to the shape of the flower.
The plants are very popular because of their abundant flowers, which make them very suitable as houseplants. This does not apply to all varieties, but can be said of most Phalaenopsis.
There is a big difference in size. Some varieties grow with leaves up to 50 cm tall and 20 cm wide, but smaller ones like P. Parishii or Equistris will only grow leaves 12 cm tall. Phalaenopsis plants can flower 4 to 12 weeks in the living room. After the flowering period you can cut back the stem (to about 20 cm) just above an eye. After a rest period it is possible for the plant to flower again in 3 to 6 months time.
Phalaenopsis needs a bright spot, but avoid direct sunlight. Watering once a week is sufficient. Special Orchid fertiliser will enhance the flowering period and the growth of the plant. When you use ordinary houseplant fertiliser it is sufficient to give half of the dose indicated on the packaging.